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Getting Started

This is a quick start guide on getting set up with FoxOMS. It is assumed that you have already signed up to FoxOMS (a free 30 day trial is available) and have successfully logged in.

Add People

FoxOMS is designed for teams, add your staff or co-workers to allow them to login and start using FoxOMS as well. The Administration -> People article explains the process of adding users as well as how to define people as user resources, to enable that person to be appear on the schedule as a 'bookable resource'.

Create Resources

Before you can start scheduling, you need resources to book. In addition to the user resources mentioned above you can also track and manage your rooms and equipment with FoxOMS. The Administration -> Resources article explains the different types of resources you can use and how to create them.

Modify the Default Schedule

Once you've defined your resources, you need to add them to a schedule. The Administration -> Schedules shows you how to create multiple schedules, each potentially with its own set of resources, perfect if you want to create different 'views' of the resources that make up your facility.

Create your first Project

Creating a project can help you to group bookings and tasks and track the project until completion

Make your first Booking

Try out the scheduler by dragging out a new booking in the timeline view, add your resources and link your booking to a project. You can also setup a calendar feed with your favorite calendar software so all of your business bookings sync effortlessly to your devices.