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SAML SSO Settings

What is SAML?

Let's start with a definition from Wikipedia...

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML, pronounced SAM-el) is an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties, in particular, between an identity provider and a service provider.


In non-jargon speak, SAML SSO (Single Sign On) lets your users login to FoxOMS with third party identity providers, such as GSuite, Okta, Azure Active Directory and Onelogin.

SAML reduces user friction, allowing your users to access FoxOMS with their existing company controlled user account.

Implementing SAML also benefits your businesses IT administrators, with less admin overhead and improved security by centralising user accounts. SAML isn't just for large enterprise, it's recommended for any business already running a central user directory such as GSuite.

SAML SSO Settings

To enable SAML, please navigate to Admin -> Module Settings -> SAML SSO.


To access these settings, you will need to be in a group that has access to the Admin Module


Change this select menu to Yes to show the SAML Settings window. To turn off SAML, revert this option back to No.

These settings will be supplied via your Identity Provider. Please see the following guides on how to configure SAML within your Identity Provider.

If you don't see your identity provider above, please feel free to write to us, and we'll try help you get setup with SAML using your identity provider.

IDP Entity ID / Issuer URL

Idp Issuer Entity ID, often a URL, eg.

IDP Login URL / SSO Endpoint

The URL that FoxOMS will call to request a user login from the Idp

IDP Logout URL / SLO Endpoint

The URL that FoxOMS will call to request a user logout to the Idp

IDP X.509 Certificate

The authentication certificate issued by your IdP

FoxOMS SAML Settings

Configure Users

Once you've correctly configured SAML, you'll need to enable SAML for your users within FoxOMS.

Please navigate to Admin -> People select the user you'd like to login via SAML. Under account settings, select SSO / SAML Login and click Save Changes.

SAML Login

When SAML is enabled, the login screen is reconfigured with a new login button, titled Login with PROVIDER NAME. SAML enabled users can click this to login to FoxOMS with their directory accounts.

Clicking on the Standard Login screen will show the normal FoxOMS login form, allowing administrators to access FoxOMS without SAML.


We strongly recommend that at least one admin account is not enabled with SAML, as this allows access to FoxOMS if the SAML provider is down or there is an issue with the SAML configuration.

FoxOMS SAML Login Screen