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To access these settings, you will need to be in a group that has access to the Admin Module

Organizations allow you to store the contact details of companies you do business with. Similarly to people they can also be marked as clients, so they appear in the various client menus and can be invoiced directly.

People can also be linked to organizations so that the correct contact details are automatically filled out when sending an invoice or quote.

Create/Edit an Organization

To create or edit an organization go to Admin -> Organizations and click the "New" button or an existing record in the organizations table.

Organization Sidebar

If you select the "client" checkbox, this organization will appear in the various client menus throughout FoxOMS.

Contact Details Fields

Name Description
Business Email The main email address for the organization
Alternate Business Email A secondary email address used for the organization
Business Phone The main phone number of the organization
Alternate Business Phone The secondary business phone number of the organization
Website The organizations website

Address Fields

Name Description
Address Line 1 Optional
Address Line 2 Optional
Address Line 3 Optional
City Optional
State Optional
Postcode Optional
Country Optional

You can also define additional custom fields for the organization module, that will appear in a special 'custom fields' section.

Delete an Organization

To delete an organization open the edit form of the organization and click the 'trashcan' button in the bottom right hand corner.

A confirmation dialog will appear for confirmation.

Admin Organization Delete