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What is a Project?

Projects are a handy way to organise jobs that contain multiple bookings with your team members and clients. You can also add files, quotes and invoices and control access through security controls.

Projects Page

The Projects page displays all projects accessible to you. You can filter projects by client, status and date.


You can show and hide all the project metadata columns (including custom fields) by pressing the expand column button.


New Project

To create a new project select the 'New Project' option from the Projects dropdown menu or select the 'New' button on the Projects page.

You will be presented with the following form.

New Project

Enter your Project Name, Brief Project Description and optional Shortcode. The shortcode will visually prefix any associated booking titles in the Schedule view.

To keep your projects nicely organised in the projects menu, choose the appropriate Parent Folder the project falls under. If one does not already exist you can create a new folder by clicking the + symbol, select 'New Folder', Give it a title and then click 'Select Folder'.

Under the Client heading, select the client this project belongs to.

Under Project Access, choose the appropriate option:

  • 'Everyone', allows all users to access this project.
  • 'Invite Only', allows only the people you add to access this project.

Under the Project Colour heading, select a colour for your project. Any bookings linked to the project will be shown in this colour when 'Colour by project' is selected in the Schedule.

Under Project Timeframe, choose a start and end date for the project.

Any custom fields that have been setup for projects appear here. In my example I have a custom text field called Producer. Create custom fields in Administration -> Custom Fields

Select 'Create Project'

Clone Project

An alternative to creating a new project from scratch is to clone an existing one. This is suitable for projects where either the people involved are the same; you want to have the same files that were uploaded in the cloned project; info in any custom fields will be the same.

To clone a project select either the 'Clone Project' option in the Projects dropdown menu, the 'Clone' button on the Projects page or the 'Clone Project' button under the settings tab of the project that you wish to clone.

The following form will pop up.

Clone Project

If not prefilled already with the project that you wish to clone, search for it in the 'Select project to clone' field. Give the new project a name and select the sections that you want to duplicate from the original - PEOPLE, FILES, CUSTOM FIELDS

Click 'Clone Project'.

Project Tabs

Project information is divided over several tabs, listed below.


When you select a project from the Project page you will land on that projects overview tab. This tab shows you the project details, the people who have been added to the project, bookings and tasks that are linked to the project and recent activity such as new conversations.

Project Overview


The Bookings tab shows you all bookings linked to the project.

Project Bookings

You can show and hide all the bookings metadata columns (including custom fields) by pressing the expand column button.

Project Bookings Tab


The Tasks tab shows you all tasks linked to the project.

Project Tasks Tab


The Files tab shows you project files. You can upload files up to 100MB to share with your team and clients.

Project Files Tab


Start a conversation amongst your project team members and clients by clicking the 'Create Conversation' button. Reply to existing ones by clicking the 'View Conversation' button and then selecting 'Reply'.

Project Messages Tab


The People tab shows you everyone who is involved in the project. Add members of your team or clients with user accounts to the project.

Project People Tab Clicking on each person allows you to assign them a role and give them administrative project access if required. Roles can be predefined under Project Roles or typed in on the fly. You can also remove a person from the project by clicking the 'Remove User' button.

Project People Roles


The Sales tab shows you all quotes and invoices linked to the project, the total sum of which are added up.

Project Sales Tab