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Project Settings

The Settings tab allows you to make changes to the project information that you entered when creating the project.

Project Settings

Project Booking Feed

If you'd like to get a feed of the bookings linked to this project, you can enable the project calendar feed by clicking Enable Calendar Feed

Creating a Project Booking Feed


The generated link is unique, but needs to be carefully guarded. If someone unauthorised gains access to this link, they will have complete read access to all your bookings. This includes people outside of your organisation as no login is required.

If you suspect that the link has been comprimised, you can disable, and re-enable the booking feed to generate a new unique link. The old link will no longer work.

Cloning a Project

To find out more about cloning a project please see the Clone Project section.

Deleting a Project

Clicking the 'Delete' button will delete the project after accepting the warning prompt.

Project Delete Confirmation


It is not possible to undo the deletion of a project