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Realtime Updates



This feature is still in BETA and bugs are expected. If you experience instability, please disable the feature and contact support with your feedback.

When you have multiple people scheduling, it can be very useful to see changes to bookings appear in realtime, without having to constantly reload the schedule.

In version 2019.4.0 we introduced a BETA version of 'Realtime Schedule Updates' which instantly sends new bookings and changes to existing bookings to all connected and eligbile clients.

Enabling / Disabling Realtime Updates

As the feature is still in BETA, this feature must be enabled manually for real time updates to start working.

Your administrator can enable/disable the feature at Admin -> Module Settings -> Schedule -> Schedule Settings. Please see this linked article for more information.

Realtime Updates Requirements

To see changes to bookings in realtime the logged in user must obviously have a minimum of read access (write access is not required) to the schedule module at a group level.

The following restrictions also apply if the user is NOT an Administrator:

Additionally if the logged in user (regardless if they are an administrator) is also a resource, they need to have the "Schedule Booking View" option set to CAN SEE ALL OTHER BOOKINGS