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Project Manager


To access these settings, you will need to be in a group that has access to the Admin Module

Project Ordering

The order that projects appear in select menus can be configured. By default, projects are ordered by the custom sort order defined in the project manager (see below).

However you can also set the order to order alphabetically. Simply configure the option from "Custom Ordering" to "Alphabetically" and click "Save Changes".

Ordering Projects

Project Manager

The project manager allows you to create an unlimited set of subfolders to organise your projects into. You can drag and drop folders into each other, as well as change the ordering of the projects and folders.

Manage Projects

Create Folder

To create a folder in the project manager, click the New Folder button in the top left of the screen. A new "Untitled Folder" will appear.

Rename the folder and press enter

New Folder

Re-order Projects and Folders

To re-order projects or folders, drag and drop the object into the desired location and click the Save Layout button.

Delete Folders

To delete a folder, select the folder and click the Delete button.


Project folders are deleted instantly, there is no confirmation window.