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Manually configure GSuite

Add SAML App

  1. Login to your GSuite Admin account and click on Apps → SAML Apps

    GSuite SAML Apps

  2. In the bottom, right hand corner, click the + icon to add a new SAML app

    New GSuite SAML App

Setup Custom App

  1. On the Enable SSO for SAML Application window, click Setup my own custom app

    New GSuite SAML App

Google IDP Info

  1. The second screen contains the Google IdP Information. You'll need to copy these settings into the FoxOMS SAML SSO settings page.

    Please copy the following fields from GSuite to the corresponding field in FoxOMS.


    You'll need to download the Certificate, open it in a text editor and copy the contents into the IDP X.509 Certificate field within the FoxOMS SAML settings.

    Click Next to continue

    GSuite SAML Idp Information

Basic App Info

  1. On the third screen, please enter the name of the app as FoxOMS and put in an optional description. You can also upload a square FoxOMS logo. The logo can be downloaded from this link

    Click Next to continue

    GSuite SAML Basic Information

Service Provider Details

  1. On the Service Provider Details screen, please enter the following details:

    • ACS URL

    • Entity ID

    Please also confirm that Signed Response is unchecked and that the Name ID is mapped to Basic Information → Primary Email

    Click Next to continue

    GSuite SAML Service Provider Details

Attribute Mapping

  1. On this last screen you'll configure the mapping between FoxOMS fields and GSuite profile data.

    Please add the following mappings:

    • = Basic Information → Primary Email
    • User.firstName = Basic Information → First Name
    • User.lastName = Basic Information → Last Name

    Click Finish to save the custom app

    GSuite SAML Attribute Mapping

Enabling FoxOMS SAML App

Before you can use your GSuite accounts to login to FoxOMS via SAML, you'll need to enable the app within GSuite Admin.

  1. Login to your GSuite Admin account and click on Apps → SAML Apps.

    GSuite SAML Apps

  2. Click on the 3 dots next to the FoxOMS App entry and click ON for everyone. If you'd prefer for only some users in your organisation to access FoxOMS, you can click ON for some and then proceed to select the users and groups you'd like to have access.

    GSuite FoxOMS permissions

  3. The app will now appear in your enabled users app draws. Clicking it will allow direct login to FoxOMS.

    GSuite FoxOMS app draw