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System Settings


To access these settings, you will need to be in a group that has access to the Admin Module

System Settings

Company Name

This is used in many areas of FoxOMS, including invoices and quotes as well as on email notifications.

Customises and brands FoxOMS with your company logo. Also used on invoices, quotes and email notifications.

Header Background Color

Changes the menu bar to one of five preset colors.

System Timezone

The timezone that your company resides in. Also used as a preset for all new users.

Client View (BETA)

An experimental feature, where anyone who is selected as a client (Admin -> People) will have their view restricted to only see bookings, projects and tasks that releate directly to them.

When this is disabled (default) anyone who is selected as a user can see all bookings, projects (except private projects unless specifically assigned) and tasks.

In both modes, the group access permissions which determine access to the various modules still apply.

New User Defaults


The default language that will be set for new users.

Default Date Format

The default date format set for new users

Default Time Format

The default time format set for new users