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Basic Bookings

What is a Booking?

Bookings are simply events with (at a minimum) a start and end date. They may also be assigned to one or more resources, linked to a project, have a custom status and repeat to other times as well as many other attributes.

Create a Booking

To create a booking, open the schedule and left click and drag out a time period.

Drag Booking

A 'booking details' sidebar will open on the right hand side of the screen. Here you can enter in all the details of the booking.

Once you have added all the information, press "Save" to commit the booking to the database.

Edit a Booking

There are multiple ways to edit a booking.

  1. Single click the desired booking and then click "Details" in the popup to reveal the booking sidebar

    Booking Popup

  2. Double click the booking and the booking sidebar will be revealed instantly

Once you have made your changes, click Save and the changes will be saved to the database.

Delete a Booking

To delete a booking, single click the booking, then click "Delete" in the booking popup.

You will receive a confirmation popup warning you that you are about to delete a booking.

Booking Delete Confirm

Press OK to confirm.


Once a booking is deleted, it cannot be recovered