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Public Holidays

In the 2020.11.4 release we added the ability to render public holidays on the Schedule. Public holidays are region specific and can be selected from 250 countries and 3680 states and provinces.

Public holidays can currently only be shown on the calendar and grid views, however we are planning on adding them to the timeline views in an upcoming update.


Public holidays are enabled and configured at an individual Schedule level as this allows for maximum flexibility for customers who have separate schedules for offices in different regions.

For example, if you have offices (& schedules created) in Sydney and Melbourne, each schedule can be configured to display the public holidays pertaining to that region.

Enabling Public Holidays

You'll need to be an administrator to enable and configure Public Holidays on your schedule.

  1. Click on Admin -> Schedules

    Admin -> Schedule -> Menu Item

  2. Click on the Schedule you'd like to enable Public Holidays on

    Admin -> Schedule -> Select Schedule

  3. The Schedule sidebar editor will open on the right. Scroll down and click on the "Settings" collapse menu. Set the Show Public Holidays to "True" and then select your region or state in the Country / Region menu item.

    Admin -> Schedule -> Enable Public Holidays

  4. Lastly click Save Changes to commit the changes.

  5. Public holidays will begin appearing on the Calendar and Grid views (Day / Week / Month).

    Public Holiday Bookings

Public Holiday FAQ

Can I add / edit public holidays?

Public holidays are read only and cannot be edited. The public holidays are retrieved from a dedicated API service who keep public holidays up to date.

There are public holidays missing / I've found an incorrect public holiday listed

Please confirm that you've selected the best region for your area, there are 250 countries and 3680 states and provinces to choose from. If you're still concerned about an error, please reach out to the FoxOMS support team who will escalate with the API service provider.